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Willy Lowell is an L.A. artist born and raised in California.

He composes, writes, and engineers all of his own original music in the genre of Lo-fi Hip-hop or Trip-hop.

Willy has been playing guitar for sixteen years, and producing published works using FL studio in that time.

His influences are Rhymesayer Ent., Mac Miller , T.D.E.

The music instrumentation has a jazzy acoustic reference.

His purpose is to spread awareness about mental health, through music.





Willy Lowell’s 2021 Lo-fi Hip-hop album, ‘Lilac’ is a genre mix-up with all original music by Willy Lowell and featuring his long time friends, Smiles the Grinner and Ben Desland & N8.

The music sounds like a combination of genres from hip-hop, low-fi with an eighty’s synth wave.

Album artwork by Ashley Cloutier.










Is an up coming album that has polished full arrangements with dynamics.  Willy addresses deeper consciousness through his lyrical perspective. The music has distortion, and dives into Trip-hip rhythms as he continues to experiment with sound design.

Album art by L.W. Allen

In Production












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