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Mentored by the late Marta Becket, of Amargosa Opera House fame, at the age of eight, Kenneth pursued Theatre and Cinematography classes throughout High School. During school years he was producing and directing shows for local cable and the stage. He later formed the Silent Company Mime Troupe and entertained at the community fairs, all before graduation. Post graduation, Kenneth worked at Television Center and Avco Embassy Pictures in Hollywood.

His interests led him to music, and he spent his early 20’s touring in rock bands playing drums and singing. He was heard for many years as an on-air talent at several radio stations in the high desert, as well as had his own mobile DJ business.

In the late 90’s Kenneth could be found dying in the streets daily as a resident Gunfighter and Stuntman at Calico Ghost Town. There he produced, performed and directed event shows. He was known to many around the world for his character, Monk. Kenneth joined the Mojave Muleskinners, a traveling Gun-fighting skit show touring the Southwest, and featured in Guns and Arizona Highways magazines.

In 2000, Kenneth returned to college, working in Technical, Stagecraft, and Performance arenas while forming Best Actors Workshops, teaching as an acting coach. In 2002 he received an Irene Ryan nomination in the Kennedy Center competitions for his work as, Big Daddy, in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’

With the success of his workshops and shows, Kenneth was sought out and offered teaching positions at the private, Einstein Academy and prestigious Academy for Academic Excellence Charter schools, working with gifted students. After working at the schools he produced and performed with Seniors and the Handicapable, at Silver Lakes Entertainers.

Spending the past few years on hiatus, writing, Kenneth was recently seen in the Bear Valley Theater production of, ‘Our Town’.

As Marta would inspire, “It doesn’t matter if the audience is one or one thousand, you give your all.”
Kenneth is ready to do so in whatever comes his way.


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