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We'll see you at The Pines Tavern on the lake, Friday May 31st at 6pm!

Posted by The Pines Tavern Big Bear Lake on Thursday, May 30, 2019
The Pines Tavern is a new restaurant on the lake in Big Bear that is sometimes difficult to find. I did a Grand Opening ad to run on their Facebook page and it went a little viral for a couple of weeks, getting the restaurant a lot of attention.

I just finished editing Walter Teper's acting reel.

Posted by Rebel Video Production on Saturday, January 27, 2018
I was able to remotely edit a reel for this actor, Walter Teper. He said his agent was thrilled with his reel. I do all sorts of remote work editing. Currently, I’m editing a 30 min comedy short, that will be taken to pitch for a regular series, as well as will be screened at the film festivals.
Music is a passion of mine, and I love shooting music videos. I did a little of this kind of work while in Texas.
Last December I shot this music video at two locations in L.A. with an established Reggae band. It was featured and still remains on
A few years ago I helped a woman out with a commercial to run on her website and social media, for Sushi Kawa. She was interested in being a part of it so I had her do the voice over for her business. She was very happy with the results.
Here is another older commercial for China Cafe. I have upgraded my camera and sound gear since shooting these. I now offer 4k quality productions.