Video Production


If you are looking for a small business commercial for your website, a video of your band for a press kit, or even personal and professional events you may need video to cover. Rebel Video Production has you covered! We’ve recorded video and audio for many occasions from Live events to Quinceañera, to commercials for websites.


What we do!

Rebel Video Production is a video production and internet marketing company focusing on the development of high quality video and internet presence for small business, entrepreneurs and artists. Our videos give a much needed affordable route for success. We offer expertise in the creation of: commercials for local business, event documentation, artist and business promotional videos for multimedia use.  Whatever your need is: video, internet consultation, or event promotion – Rebel Video Production is your one stop AFFORDABLE shop.

Our Story

Rebecca Allen started her career in 1986 at Modern Sound, working as a receptionist. She was inspired by the television production editing that was done at the facility, and took editing courses offered there, practicing on the Montage Video Editing system. A quick student she soon moved into assistant editing, landing her first job at 19 years old, at Paramount Studios, and joined the Editor guild.

The editing bay was a good place to start, but Rebecca enjoyed the set and moved into Production Video in 1995, allowing her to work directly with the Director of Photography and Camera department. She joined the IATSE Local 695, and continued her passion for contributing to the picture in her niche, for 10 years.
Currently, she is honing her skills in a new job title, directly with the camera on the Red HD Moviecamera, as a Second Assistant Cameraperson, and Digital Image Technician, continuing her interest in the filmmaking process. With her many years as a seasoned video engineer in post-production and collaborating with film professionals, Rebecca has the knowledge and experience she brings to her own productions.

Specialties: Final Cut Pro Editor, Producer, Videographer, Red Camera Assistant, Adobe Premiere cc ,After Effects, PhotoShop cc, Encore Cs6.